How do Air Pollution Masks Work? And Why Should You Have One

How Air Mask works

Delhi, Beijing or London, many metropolitan cities in the world are affected by Air pollution. To identify if the air in your city is polluted, you need to check AQI of the city. Air quality index (AQI) above 200 in any city indicates poor air quality. Air quality index is based on PM 2.5, Pm 10, Ozone, NO2, SO2 and CO. Particulate matter or PM is harmful pollutant present in the air, exposure of which can cause serious health hazards. According to studies conducted by medical experts, exposure to toxic air can not only damage your lung health but can have negative impacts on brain and heart health as well. And, if you are already asthmatic or suffering from some allergy, you may have to reconsider stepping out of the home.

Wearing a facemask is the only solution to survive these high pollution levels. However, the challenge here is to find the right mask. A regular paper dust mask will not protect you from harmful pollutants.

An ideal Anti-pollution mask should protect you from following pollutants:

  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Respiratory Suspended Particulate Matter with diameter less than 10μM (PM10) and less than 2.5 (PM2.5)

How do Pollution masks work? Types and Application

Regular face mask also known as surgical mask acts as a simple filter against particulate matter. Whereas, the more sophisticated mask also known as respirator offers better protection against the fine suspended particulate matter.

If you are living in a city with poor air quality index, a respirator with N-95 rating will be your best buy. N-95 is certification given by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The N-95 mask filters out 95 % of PM 2.5 which is harmful of all other pollutants.

The most common mistake Indians make while buying a mask is that they either buy the wrong mask or buy the wrong fit. Buying the mask that fits you right is as important as buying a good quality mask.

Dettol SiTi shield protect + smart mask is specially designed to offer you the best fit. SiTi shield smart mask is available in 3 size variants (S, M, and L) to create a suitable fit for every age group. N-95 certified SiTi shield smart mask offers 3 layer filtration to save you from dangerous PM 2.5 pollution particles. It is made of ultra-soft fabric that remains gentle on your skin. One of the unique features of SiTi shield protect + smart mask is that it can be purchased with a micro fan to remove heat, moisture and Co2.

Are pollution masks worth it?

As stated earlier, PM 2.5 is harmful of all other toxic pollutants. An Anti-pollution mask with the ability to filter out such harmful pollutants is worth buying.

Dettol SiTi shield protect + smart mask is a mask with fully functional features which will effectively trap small particles thereby protecting you from various health hazards.

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