Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air 

At RB we have a responsibility to change things for the better, providing long term sustainable solutions rather than short term problem solving. 

Our purpose is to make a difference, by giving people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes.

We are committed to both raising the awareness of how beneficial personal pollution protection can be, as well as empowering behavioural changes that empower people to improve their health. It’s not just individual lives – we want to make a difference within entire communities around the globe.

And we are conscious of our own responsibilities to the environment, to protect its resources and ensure that we follow sustainable and ethical practices in our work.

With that in mind, we are constantly changing and improving the way we manufacture and design our products to build a better future.

For instance, we’re addressing sustainability challenges by focusing our efforts in areas where we can make a difference: energy demand, raw material and deforestation, water scarcity, waste creation, hygiene. All the time ensuring we deliver the best results for our consumers and communities around the world 


Trees for Change Programme


Our goal was to plant enough trees to take in the same amount of carbon dioxide as our manufacturing operations generated from 2006 to 2017, effectively making our manufacturing operations carbon neutral. Since 2006 we have planted and maintained over 8 million native trees. This programme has supplemented our ambitious carbon reduction target – to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. In India, we committed to planting 100,000 trees in urban centres and maintaining them for a year as part of our Cleanathon 2017, to help improve air quality in India.

Over their lifetime the trees we have planted will help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that would otherwise have remained there contributing to global warming.

Tree plantation drive

Our commitment to curbing air pollution is real. We understand that this problem does not have a quick fix solution, which is why we have a long-term approach. In partnership with Global Interfaith Wash Alliance and Sankalp Taru we are leading a tree plantation drive. We promise to plant 200,000 trees throughout the cities of Kanpur, Agra and Tehri during the remainder of 2017 and on into 2018.

Planting 200,000 trees will cause:

  • 2,360,000 litres of oxygen to be produced per year
  • 600,000 million gallons of water to be retained in the atmosphere
  • 200,000 tons of carbon offset

The tree plantation drive has far reaching benefits – directly improving the lives of over 10,000 villagers and the released oxygen indirectly benefits every living creature in India, because oxygen has no boundaries! By planting trees we are also increasing the natural habitat of wildlife and birds, which further sustains the whole ecosystem. We are proud to be leading this green initiative to help benefit India.


Clean India Campaign

This year, we are expanding the Banega Swachh India (Clean India) Campaign to include tackling the causes of air pollution. Through this campaign we will be forging new partnerships and leveraging existing ones to drive behavior change amongst people across India, in order to make a tangible impact to the problem of air pollution.

The Banega Swachh India campaign is backed by celebrity Amitabh Bachchan and our media partner NDTV will make sure our campaign is seen by as many people as possible. We are urging people to take control and responsibility of the 10 yards around them and help to keep their 10 yards clean.

This year, we are making the concept of “My10Yards” a more holistic one, by educating people that even the air around them is their responsibility and encouraging them to plant and nurture a tree in their 10 yards. This campaign will help us drive awareness about the health impacts of air pollution and encourage people to change behavior in ways that benefit our environment.

We are working towards a future of a clean India. When every breath is clean, only then will we have a clean India!

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